How to add SPC calculations to CAD panel

Guide Sep 13, 2023

At KensoBI, we provide a complete solution for easily generating SPC reports. With a simple user interface, you can create reports without requiring in-depth mathematical knowledge. You have the flexibility to adjust report settings, nominal values, tolerances, and more. Let's discuss how to quickly integrate SPC calculations into your CAD panel using KensoBI.

Feature Data Source

Upon accessing the KensoBI dashboard, you will find a menu that allows you to fine-tune SPC calculations. Here's a brief overview of the key functions available:

1. Features

The "Features" section presents a list of current features. Users can pick the model and part, and then select the necessary features. We've established a dedicated database schema based on PostgreSQL for this purpose.

2. Characteristics

Once the characteristics are identified, users can choose which ones to include in the report and use as the foundation for SPC calculations.

3. SPC

In this section, users can select commonly used statistical calculations. The chosen calculations are automatically compiled and made available in annotations for all selected characteristics.

4. ML (Machine Learning)

KensoBI incorporates machine learning capabilities to predict and detect anomalies in your production line. This proactive approach helps you maintain quality standards by promptly addressing issues.


Within the main dashboard, users have the capability to display multiple features simultaneously, such as spatial positioning, dimensions (length and width), temperature, and more.

To streamline calculations and optimize data processing, users can selectively choose the characteristics required for their reports.

By simply double-clicking on the window associated with a chosen characteristic, a panel will appear, offering the option to specify the SPC calculation type.

This list will contain all SPC calculation types selected previously in Feature Data Source.


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