KensoBI is the ultimate quality intelligence platform for smart factories.

KensoBI May 2, 2023

As a manufacturing company, you face numerous challenges when it comes to maintaining quality standards and optimizing your production processes. With increasing consumer demands for high-quality products, it's crucial to find innovative ways to ensure that your products meet the strictest quality and precision standards. That's where KensoBI comes in - a tailored "quality intelligence platform" that provides manufacturing companies with a smart, real-time monitoring and analysis solution.

At the core of the KensoBI system is an app based on Grafana, an open-source log analytics tool that has been customized for the manufacturing industry with built-in CAD support, SPC calculations, and now, with our new feature of KensoBI - Machine Learning. This feature enables us to forecast measure results and raise an alarm if something goes wrong, helping to save 30-40% losses in the production process.

With KensoBI, you can create digital twin dashboards with fully interactive CAD objects, allowing you to move and resize 3D objects from a web browser. The 3D parts can also be enriched with features and show visualization of measured characteristics, making it easier to monitor the production process. KensoBI seamlessly integrates with major SQL databases, making it easy to create stunning visualizations without the need for SQL programming language knowledge. Additionally, KensoBI fully embraces industry 4.0 and helps clients move to an event-driven architecture for their measurement collection needs. This approach offers a scalable, flexible, and real-time data processing solution, empowering businesses to handle growth as the volume of measurements increases over time.

In summary, KensoBI is a powerful quality intelligence platform that helps manufacturing companies like yours maintain quality standards and optimize production processes. With its digital twin dashboards, machine learning capabilities, and event-driven architecture, KensoBI offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's competitive market. Trust KensoBI to provide you with the smart, real-time monitoring and analysis solution your manufacturing business needs.


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